Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hoffner Wrongfully Terminated, Will Return To MN-Mankato

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In August of 2012, Todd Hoffner was escorted off the practice field at Minnesota-Mankato and placed under arrest for having child pornography images on his school-issued cell phone.

Three months later, a judge dismissed the charges saying the videos were nothing more than images of his children playing in their house after a bath.

That didn't change Mankato's mind. The school suspended Hoffner for 20 days and then reassigned him to a desk job before firing him in May of 2013. He had been hired as the coach at Minot State, but after an arbitration, he will return to Mankato to coach his old school and old team.

Minot understands Hoffner's decision:

Here's the latest on Hoffner returning to Mankato

Mankato, obviously, didn't say a lot with the arbitor's decision, but they did put out a statement:

"We extend our apologies to Mr. Hoffner and deeply regret the difficulties he and his family have experienced.
"It is our sincere hope that all concerned can now find ways to move forward."

Moving forward may include a civil response by Hoffner, but that isn't know at present...

DEVELOPING: Boston PD Bomb Squad Tipping Backpacks At Marathon Finish Line (UPDATED W/Arrest And Contents)

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On the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, a gentleman has been taken into custody for allegedly dropping two suspicious-looking backpacks near the finish line. The Green Line train system service has been suspended at the Copley Street stop while the bomb squad for Boston Police is investigating and has used a robot to tip the first backpack.

Here's the video of the gentleman in custody who is suspected of dropping the two backpacks on Boylston Street

There is also a shelter-in-place for everyone on Boylston Street at present.

More when we know more...

2030 UPDATE: There are conflicting reports out, but one network is reporting the suspect has thrown down "multiple" backpacks and not just the initial number of two...

2100 UPDATE: Boston Police bomb squad has detonated one of the backpacks

2145 UPDATE: The second backpack was detonated as well. The contents are not known at present...

2240 UPDATE: Superintendent Randy Halstead of Boston Police is saying at his press conference that the suspect has been charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and possession of a hoax device after finding a rice cooker in the first backpack. Halstead would not go into the details of the second backpack.

2320 UPDATE: From WBZ-TV's Katie Brace through her Twitter...

Second bag was camera equipment.

One bag was rice cooker filled with confetti - a man is in custody on several charges.

More Ex-NHL'ers File Concussion Lawsuits

Another federal class action lawsuit has been filed against the National Hockey League alleging their attitude towards treating ex-players who suffer from health-related problems directly resulting from their efforts on the ice has been non-existent.

The lawsuit was filed in Minneapolis with ex-NHL'ers Dave Christian, Reed Larson and William Bennett named as plaintiffs. The suit puts forth the notion that, from the AP, the NHL put its players "at a substantially higher risk" for developing memory loss, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Larson is a member of the US Hockey Hall of Fame. Here's an example of what he did in the NHL with Kevin Maguire in 1987- in addition to all the scoring and All-Star appearances
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Christian was a part of the "Miracle on Ice" squad and is also a member of the Hall of Fame.
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Bennett played for the Whalers and Bruins. Larson and Christian are Minnesotans. Bennett is from Rhode Island.

How these three became connected for the lawsuit is unclear, but it is now the third such suit involving the NHL and former players wondering about treatment for their post-career injuries. The first suit was filed back in November and the second was filed last week.

So Much For The Abbottsford Heat

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It was a relationship that wasn't working...

The city of Abbottsford, British Columbia was in a deal with the Calgary Flames to have their American Hockey League team be in the arena as the primary tenant. There was a ten-year deal that had been signed and, without the attendance figures matching what the city thought they would be and what the Flames wanted- the deal is over five years early.

The Heat are in the AHL playoffs, and when they're eliminated the moving sign is up...

"The economics did not turn out the way any of us intended, despite the tremendous efforts of many men and women who made it their mission to convert the allegiances of local hockey fans, at least at the American Hockey League level, to the Heat.

"Notwithstanding economics, our experiences in the Fraser Valley have been good,"
King said in a press release.

The team had moved from the Quad Cities and, with all the looks of it, they'll be headed to either Glens Falls or Utica, New York. They were the only team in the AHL that played in the western time zone.

The mayor at the time, George Peary, guaranteed the Heat owners almost C$6-million a year to play in the city's new 7,000-seat arena. So, taxpayers have been paying a little over C$7-million in subsidies to the team to make up for team losses.

So, for the record... here's the last regular season game in Abbottsford Heat history...
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Trump Still Serious About Bills Investment


And Donald Trump has even said that he will divest himself of his casino interests if he is considered to be a substantial partner or principal owner of the Buffalo Bills.

Trump claims that the Bills are vital to the fabric to western New York and he would keep them there.

Here's a peek at how serious he may be... despite the appropriate skepticism

And here...

A Trump attorney has said that, even with a twelve-figure pricetag, the Donald could afford it...

That would be an interesting divestiture...

Oscar Pistorius Trial Day 22: The Cross Ends

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Prosecutor Gerrie Nel rested his cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius after five days- maintaining that the sprinter lied, and is still lying, about his version of events from Valentine's Night, 2013. The prosecution is saying Pistorius lied about his shooting of Reeva Steenkamp was accidental- thinking she was a burglar holed up in the bathroom.

Pistorius shot through the door four times, hitting Steenkamp three and killing her. Nel delivered the prosecution's case and thinks his acts were intentional.

Here's Session One...

The defense called for redirect where lead attorney Barry Roux led Pistorius through his version of events. They then called a forensics expert who went through a noise analysis similar to that of the rounds Pistorius shot through the bathroom door.

Hillsborough At 25: A Town United

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It is the 25th anniversary of one of the most tragic events in the history of sport- the Hillsborough disaster. There was
a memorial service (pictured right, thanks Huffington Post UK) at Anfield to mark the day and there was a sight to see... Everton and Liverpool, blue and red, inside the Liverpool ground remembering as one...

And for someone who has only been blue for a year, Everton manager Roberto Martinez was a passioned man...

Here's the set-up ahead of time...
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And from Sky Sports...

To remind us all about how things should have never gotten out of control, here's the BBC's "Panorama" on the cover-up

Never forget... and that just goes to the rest of us who just watch and relate- those who are intimately involved deserve justice on an infinite scale...